Long Billed Curlew Flight
Great Horned Owlet in Flight
Swainson's Hawk
Great Egret in Flight
Great Egret
Great Egret
Blue Dawn Take Off #2
Pacific Loon
Pacific Loon
Low Flight
Getting Ready for Take-off
Sandhill Cranes taking off
Landing Crane
Sandhill Cranes
Calling Cranes
White Pelican Landing
Great Blue Heron
Crane Flight Yin-Yang
White Pelicans
Five White Pelicans
Double-Crested Cormorant
Pelican Flight
Evening Landing
Waking Up on a Cold Morning
Evening Gathering
Yellow Warbler
Cranes in the Grass
Trumpeter Swan
Mountain Blue Bird
Snow Geese Gathering
King Bird on a Wire
Summer Song
Take off
Northern Pintails
Bosque Fly In
Lark Sparrow
White Throated Sparrow
Golden Eagle
Crane Flight
Morning Gathering
Canada Geese
Sandhill in Flight
Evening Flight
Pastel Dawn Flight
Dawn Flight
Avian Red Dawn
Sand Hill Crane
Female Red-winged Blackbird
Fire in the Sky Reflection
Yellowheaded Blackbird
Upland Sandpiper