Sedge Meadow Dawn
Bosque Reeds
Chiricahua Meadow
Shore Grass Tapestry
Alberta Mountain Meadow #1
Mountain Meadow Grass
Marsh Grass Tapestry
Grass and Willows
Winter Sedge Tapestry
Zapata Spring Meadow
Frosty Grass and Tumbleweeds
Sedge Meadow Tapestry
Tapestry of Grass
Autumn Grass
Sedge Meadow Sunrise
Frosty Autumn Meadow
San Luis Valley Autumn Meadow
Kansas Autumn Grass Tapestry
New Growth
Autumn Grass and Blueberries
Winter Marsh Tapestry
Monument Rock Autumn Meadow
Sand Sage and Spring Grass
Foxtail Barley
Sand Sage and Grass
Autumn Alpine Grass
Rocks and Grass
Frosty Mountain Meadow
Red Slough Meadow
Frosty Autumn Grass
Kansas Summer Prairie Sunrise
Hot Spring Forest
Chiricauhua Frosty Grass
Winter Sedge Meadow
Douglas County Prairie #2
Winter Prairie Grass
Wasatch Alpine Meadow
Spring Green
Kaibab Meadow