New Work

Selected new Images made in the last 12-24 months

Mount Elbert Winter
Basin & Range Sunset
Brooks Range Light
Badwater sunrise
Summer Storm rainbow
Saguache Park Rainbow
Muley Point Sunset
Reynolds Mountain
Sandstone Bluffs Dawn
Sedge Meadow Dawn
Spring Storm Over Mountains, Sand Dunes and Bison Herd
Cinnamon Pass Sunrise
Corn Lily Summer Meadow
Spring Storm Over Bison and Sand Dunes
Mt Grinnell Sunrise
North Clear Creek Falls
East Beckwith Mountain Autumn Sunrise
Mule Deer Bucks
Sub-Alpine Meadow And La Garita Peaks
Mule Deer Buck
Pronghorn Trio
Mesa Arch Winter Sunrise
MacDonald Creek
Moon Over Bad Wolf Mountain
Mule Deer Buck and Cottonwood
Bull and Cow Bison
Mountain Goat Kids
Autumn Cottonwoods
Dead Pines in Hotspring Meadow
Mammatus Clouds
Swainson's Hawk
Spring view of the Elk Mountains
Eureka Dunes & playa mudcracks
Burned Tree & Lichen Covered Tuff
Bosque Reeds
Chiricahua Meadow
Tree and Rock Wall
Winter Cottonwood
Playa mudcracks
Cheyenne Bottoms Sunset
Shore Grass Tapestry
Misty Mountain
John Hopkins Glacier & Mt Orville
Brown Bear
Fairweather Range Reflection
Glacier Bay Mountains
Resting Brown Bear
Stormy Day
Shag Cove Sunset
Clearing Fog
Harbor Porpise
Shoreline Forest Edge
Old Bull Stellar Sea Lion
Glacier Ice
Sea Otter Splashing
Young Sea Lions
Mt Quincy Adams
Two Humpback Whales
Stellar Sea Lions
Whale Tail
Humpback Whale Blow
Lone Humpback
Alberta Mountain Meadow #1
Canadian Rockies Forest and Meadow
Athabasca Falls
Dawn Over the Tall Grass Prairie
Kansas Autumn Tapestry #2
Black Rock Beach
Chico Basin Summer Storm Rainbow
Forest Tapestry #5
Great Egret
Missouri River Bottomlands Grass
Kansas Winter Forest Tapestry
Mountain Lake Reflection
Blue Dawn Take Off #2
Spring Creek Autumn Cottonwoods
Mountain Meadow Grass
Aspen Boles
Autumn Aspen Grove
Kebler Pass Aspen
Aspen Tapestry
Autumn Aspens