The Animal Kingdom: Wild Horses

Photographs of Wild Horses in the Pryor Mountains
Find out more about  the wild stallion Cloud  and these amazing wild horses here at the Cloud Foundation

I am very pleased to announce that I will be  donating 5%  of sales from my wild horse images  to the Cloud Foundation to support the preservation of wild horses  on our public lands and the preservation of Clouds herd in the Arrowhead( Pryor) Mountains of Montana.

Portrait of Cloud
Foal Splash
Horse in the Flowers
Mare and Foal
Cloud's Splash
Fighting Stallions
Cooling Splash
Coming Over the Ridge
Mare and Foal
The Chase
Flint Running
Tender Moment
Foal and Mare
A Mares Touch
Stallion and Mare
Scratch and Roll
Stallion Bray
At the Water Hole
Affectionate Nuzzle
By the Water Hole